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Best Android Firewall App – No Root

If you need to monitor the network activity of Android, it is best to use Firewall Android no Root.

How does Android Firewall work without root

Firewall for Android controls all applications, network connections and is a kind of barrier between your device and malicious actions in its direction to ensure the safety of the smartphone.
Some programs are available with anti-virus or ad-blocking features. You can also configure apps to access the Internet only on demand, which will reduce the consumption of traffic and the transfer of personal information by the app to developers.

Firewall for Android is requirements Root rights (many of them different with a bit different functionality, the network can choose to your taste), and without requiring root permissions (functionality is slightly trimmed compared to root firewalls, but you can find in the Play Market).

The best Android Firewall app without root

Best Android Firewall for a usual device is the NoRoot Firewall or Firewall without root. It’s the most suitable application with a high rating and for good reason. The application can give selective permission to connect each application, as well as send requests from applications to connect.

Firewall App features:

  • As the name implies, does not require root-rights;
  • Structured access control and filters by IP / host / domain name;
  • Simple interface and ease of use;
  • Minimum permissions. No GPS locations or dialer access.

This Firewall Android app doesn’t allow to transfer your personal data to the network. Turns off Intrusive spam ads from the application. You can specify trusted connection URLs. Full log of applications can be viewed at any time to know which of them is more demanding, or drains the battery.

If you still have questions about Firewall Android no Root, ask them in the comments below.