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Free Android Firewall Apk with Root

If you need to install a firewall on Android and at the same time you have root, then you’re in luck. There is an excellent option of a firewall Android with Root access.

Firewall android apk DroidWall or its successor, AFWall+, can allow or deny applications access to the Internet over the mobile network, and controls the actions of programs as a free Android firewall.

Main features of the Android Firewall with Root:

  • Import/Export Rules to external storage with UI
  • Import DroidWall Rules
  • Search Applications
  • Filter Applications
  • VPN, Lan, IPV6/IPV4 and Tor Support

After installing the app, you’ll need to tweak it a bit:

  • In the Wi-Fi column, you can put apps in the white or black list (active or disabled) when WiFi is enabled
  • In the 3G column, you can allow or deny applications to use the network when mobile Internet is enabled
  • You can enable DroidWall by clicking the settings button and selecting the appropriate item. And then you can set the widget to quickly enable / disable the firewall on the desktop

So quite free and easy, you can configure Android Firewall with root.

If you have any difficulties or something does not work – write in the comments of your device and the problem itself, so we can help.

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