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Error 961 app download

When downloading any application from the Play Market, error 961 may appear in the Play Store. The full message: “Unknown error code 961”. It is worth noting that if you have downloaded the free program from the Play Market, you can simply follow the steps described below, and if you have paid for the application, you should immediately request a refund from Google Play.

So what is error code 961 in Google Play store? If you wonder how to fix unknown error code 961 during application install, there are two ways of dealing with error 961 in Android. The first way is quite standard and applies to all digital errors in Play. Just delete your Google account and then add it again.

How to delete your Google Account:

  • Open the Settings
  • Go to Accounts – Select Google
  • Click on the vertical ellipsis in the upper right corner and click “Delete account”
  • The system will ask if you are sure, confirm the deletion

error 961 in play store

Attention! This action will delete the synced files from Android devices. Delete your Google account only if you are sure of that.

Then you need to clean the cache of the following applications: “Google Play applications Market”, “Google Service Framework” and “Download Manager”.

If you are going to delete the entire cache in your phone without any extra headache, then the next instruction is for you. You shoud do this:

  • Open the “Settings”
  • Choose “Storage and USB-drives”
  • Go to the “cache data”
  • Clear the cache

Restart your device and add a Google account. Try again to download something from Play Market. If the situation has not changed, then you need to clear the cache of all applications and try again. If you the problem of 961 service memory error is still not resolved, try to clean the cache in the Recovery mode.

Hope that this info about error 961 in Play Store was useful!