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Android x86 Marshmallow

You can download Android x86 Marshmallow (6) ISO:

Android x86 Marshmallow for a PC can be downloaded from a link in the comments below, the builds are updated often, so you can request for the newest build available for your version in the comments.

Maybe you already thought about how to install Android 6 Marshmallow on a home PC, but the inconvenient management scared you away. Now this problem with Android 6 Marshmallow emulator is solved!

Android x86 Marshmallow

Remix OS 2.0 will allow you to easily install Android 6 x86 virtualbox on a PC with the support of touchpad and drivers for notebooks and PC, Android x86 Marshmallow is fully optimized for working on computers and managing it causes no issues even if you are an inexperienced Windows user.

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