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Remix OS Installation Tool Tutorial

When you have already downloaded the archive with Remix OS, you can proceed with the installation. In this article you will get Remix OS installation tool and everything you need to get the Remix OS on your PC.

remix os installation tool

Remix OS installation Tutorial

First, unpack the archive into a convenient folder on your PC. Among the extracted files is the image of the OS itself, as well as the Remix OS installation tool.

You can download it separately – Remix OS Installation Tool Download.

Following the instructions you will create an installation USB flash drive:

  1. Open the Remix OS installation tool from the Remix OS folderremix os installation tool
  2. Choose the disk “Type”remix os installation tool
  3. Choose the name “Drive”remix os installation tool
  4. Open Remix OS ISO file from your Remix OS folderremix os installation tool
  5. Press “OK” and make sure that you don’t have any important data on the flash drive, because it will be erased.remix os installation tool

You’ve now done and got a bootable Remix OS flash drive. Put it your PC, choose it in the boot option (BIOS) and enjoy!