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Android TV games

Google wants to make Android TV a full-fledged game platform, at least for casual games. And Android TV settings are constantly being improved. Therefore, you can easily connect to gamepads via Bluetooth and enjoy Android TV games.

To connect gamepad and use it in Android TV games follow instruction:

  • Go to settings
  • Find “Bluetooth” in “Network and Accessories” group

Android TV games

  • Press on “Connect” and turn on your gamepad
  • Select gamepad name on Android TV and pair it

Done! Now you can use gamepad in games on Android TV Box. In addition, many modern gamepads have “mouse mode”, just switch in on and you will see a cursor on the screen of your Android TV, which is very convenient.

After connecting gamepad, it’s time to install some Android TV games! There are a lot of entertaining games on Android TV Box, that you can try. Just open Google Play, select “Games” or just search with the game name and click on “Install”. If you want to download game from alternative source – just install it like any other app.

If you have already installed game Android TV and have achieved something great in the game and would like to share this – take a screenshot!

This is done in the same way as on any Android device:

  • Simultaneously press and hold the power button and volume down on your RC for about a second
  • Screenshot is saved in “/SDCard/Pictures/Screenshots”

Also you can share how to play games on Android TV box and send your screenshots in the comments below.

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