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Android TV box how to use

Using Android box TV is not difficult, almost all things you can do with only your voice, because Android TV have built in Google Assistant, it can help you in any situation. In case you have a microphone in your RC.

For example, if you want to watch something do the following:

  1. Take your box TV remote
  2. Find key with microphone, press on it
  3. Just say what you want to watch and Android box TV will do the rest

It’s very simple, you need just try it and you’ll never came back to the old remote controllers! But if you don’t like it – you can connect keyboard and mouse to your box TV via USB or Bluetooth and use it like PC! And the most pleasant thing – you can test Android TV on PC before buying!

You can install unofficial version of Android TV on any PC. It will allow you to test customer interface of Android TV Box on mini PC, desktop PC or even tablet. Also it gives you opportunity to to connect this computer to TV directly and use Android TV Box as PC without buying new equipment.

Android TV box how to use

Installing Android TV on a PC is no different than installing Android x86, just download this Android TV on PC file and follow the instruction below! Just remember, that it is not official release, there can be a bugs or slow interface, real Android TV can be much better.

Was that info about Android TV on PC useful for you? Write in the comments below.

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