In the Android Nougat firmware notification bar and panel are changed too. When you have Android 7.0 firmware, you don’t need to pull notification bar down to turn on the Wi-Fi, because the most used Android notification bar icons of tools are available on the main panel. There is also the button to open the full list of tools in the mobile notification bar, where you can add as much tools, as you need.

Android Nougat firmware changes affected Clear button design, but its functions and locations are the same. The rest of notification bar options are same as Android M notification bar. You also have opportunity to choose between stock and custom Android notification bar versions.

Settings in Android 7.0 firmware has become more comfortable, now you can see main information without tap on element, just open settings and you’ll see what network connected, how much memory is used and etc.

Try all new features with Android Nougat firmware, just select your device in the list below and update it! If your device is not in the list – write model in the comments and you’ll get link for Android 7.0 firmware update!

Do not forget to backup your device before any intervention in the system.