If you keep up with the times, then you need to think about how to download Android Oreo on your smartphone. Android 8 update download should bring a lot of benefits and increase the level of comfort.

Android 8 update download

Many of us have been waiting for the emergence of such a convenient feature as Autofill login forms, since the appearance of similar in Google Chrome. And today it has happened, now it will not be necessary to manually write down the login every time or remember a long password. All this will now do Android Oreo for you.

Android 8 update download

Another useful innovation in the Android 8.0 update will be a smart choice of text when writing. Now the cursor will highlight the most logical part of the text so that you spend less time aiming at these small characters.

Here are some more interesting features that will be available in the new version of the mobile OS:

  • Tooltips – a small descriptive window that appear after a long press on the item
  • TextView autosizing – adaptive text size based on your screen size
  • Wi-Fi Assistant
  • Project Treble

You can find a link for Android 8 update download in the list below.

If your model is not present, you can write a comment below. We’ll solve a problem and give a link for upgrade firmware.