You definitely need to get Android Oreo upgrade download, because the eighth version of the well-known wasps brought a lot of cool updates. Some of the changes affected notifications, which is quite important, because some receive dozens or even hundreds of notifications per day.

Android Oreo upgrade download

Let’s look on some of them:

  • Notification categories – more detailed and consistent control over what notifications can appear and how annoying they are
  • Notice snoozing – allows users to hide notifications for a certain period of time, as when logging into the system
  • Ambient screen – illuminates the incoming notification with a larger font, highlighted by the application name and access to the immediate actions

One more very important feature is install unknown applications – hostile loader applications cannot work without permission. Users now allow the installation of APK files for each source.

If you are still not convinced that it will be very useful to get Android Oreo upgrade download. I can offer you one more important reason for this. Emoji! More Emoji, I know you you needed it. More over 60 new fully redesigned emoji and smiles.

Android Oreo upgrade download

You can find the Android Oreo upgrade list below.

If your model is not present, you can write a comment below. We’ll solve a problem and give a link for upgrade firmware.
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