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Android Q review and update (rumors and leaks)

android q

Android Q release date

Google is preparing a fresh Android, its test version will be published in mid-March 2019. An announcement is due to take place soon, as long as all the company’s efforts are focused on improving the Android Pie, but the mentions of the new product have already appeared in the code of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) database. Therefore, rather this, Google will not release Android 9.1, and immediately go to version 10.

android q release

What is already known about the new Android Q

Since rumors have just begun to appear, there is not much information. But they are all based on the data of their AOSP code:

  • One of the advantages of Android Q should be a unique adjustment of the Assisted Dialing number. This function will automatically change the number depending on the country in which the smartphone is located
  • Also, new version 10.0 may get support for API level 29, as opposed to version 9 with level 28
  • Android Q will have a hearing protection feature. This means that if you have finished the conversation, but still hold the phone close to your ear and the next call comes in, the system will not play the sound very loud so as not to injure your ears

We hope that the information will appear more often, and the developers will make every effort to pleasantly surprise fans. And now about the interesting: what kind of “sweet” name will get a new Android version? We have already come up with several options:

  • Quiche
  • Queen of Puddings or maybe just Queen for short
  • Qottab – Kottab (Iranian pastry with nuts)
  • Quindim – custard

Perhaps marketers will expand the range and won’t only use sweets and the anniversary Android will be the beginning of a new line? Write your opinion in the comments.