This month, more information appears about the functionality of the upcoming Android 10 Q. Today we will talk about some more features that may appear in the new update.

android q

New Android 10 Q features

Most of the functions that the tenth version of Android carries with it are successful solutions implemented by major manufacturers based on their smartphones, such as Samsung or Huawei. We will look at a number of features that were presented to developers in the public domain. Of course, in the future they may be changed to others or they may not appear at all.

Their list of approximate functionality includes the following innovations:

  • Face Recognition
  • Screen Recording
  • Dark Theme
  • “Emergency mode” in the Power menu
  • Permissions Revamp
  • Advantage notification management
  • Desktop Mode

Now a little bit more information about the every feature.

Facial Recognition

android q Facial recognition

Many manufacturers of smartphones have already implemented support for advanced face scanners in their firmware, and Google will follow them. Now, most smartphones can be painless for the price of the device to maintain high-quality face recognition.

Built-in Screen Recording

Android Q Screen Recording

Now you do not need to search and download third-party applications to record video from the screen of your Android device. The screen capture function is now built-in and will work on all devices with Android Q.

Dark Mode Theme

Android Q Dark Theme

Great news for lovers of darker. Now Android will have a full dark theme – Dark Mode, that will work in all standard applications. The main reason for the emergence of such a function is the safety of vision in the dark. This should also help energy efficiency on devices with Amoled screens.

“Emergency mode” in the Power menu

Emergency mode Android Q

The name of the update speaks for itself, now in the power menu there will also be an available Emergency mode option.

Permissions Revamp

Permissions Revamp Android Q

Even after innovations in the privacy policy and the ability to configure permissions for applications in Android Pie, Google is not going to stop. Now we will have even more settings permissions for applications. It will be possible to give access, for example, to the camera and microphone for the application only during its use, and at other times access to them will be denied. This is great news for our personal life.

Advantage notification management

android 10 Q notifications

Android 10 Q may have additional notification control options. To begin with, in the shadow will be written “Management” in the lower left corner instead of “Manage notifications.” Now the incoming notification can be stopped from showing, but in the new version of the OS you can either block such notifications or make them silent. You may also be able to see / hide low priority notification icons in the status bar.

Desktop Mode

The most unclear and unverified function that may appear in the new Android Q is the Desktop mode. Perhaps a similar opportunity is already being offered in Samsung smartphones. We will be offered to connect the smartphone to the monitor via USB Type-C cable and work with the phone with a computer UI.

So far these were all new features that we know about the upcoming update. Stay with us and you will know all the leaks and rumors about Android Q.

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