Android 6 update download can provide you the most interesting new Android feature – Google Now on Tap! It represents an online assistant that will help you to find any information with the latest Android OS Marshmallow version. And now there is no binding to a specific page or an application, you can use this feature from anywhere with the help of your Google Android 6 updated phone, whether it’s a Web page, a media player or sms-chat.

You can call “Google Now on Tap” assistant by holding the home button for a few seconds, for example, to get information about the location and rating of the restaurant which you are discussing in the message. It analyzes the information in the active area of ​​the screen and shows the most suitable cards with information.

This function is certainly useful for Android Marshmallow smartphone, you just need Android 6 update download and install it to your device and use Google Now on Tap!

If your device is not in the list – write model of your device in the comments!

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