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Recover phone numbers

If you have accidentally deleted contacts or phone numbers – keep calm, you have several ways to recover phone numbers on Android.

Here is the first method how to recover contacts Android with Google Contacts service:

  1. Go to the Google Contacts web page
  2. In the left list of options select “Undo changes”
  3. Here you can select, when you have delete phone numbers and recover phone numbers
  4. Press “Confirm” and you have recover contacts Android!

Recover phone numbers

After you will recover numbers don’t forget to sync your Google Account. By this method you can recover numbers, that was deleted or lost up to 30 days ago.

Another way to recover phone numbers is to restore a backup copy according to the instructions in the article below.

The last method to recover contacts Android – use specialized app to recover data, for example this Contact recover. Just scan your device and recover number that you need.

Did you recover your contacts? Share your experience in the comments!