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How to restore contacts

If you have lost your contacts – don’t be sad, they are still saved at SD-card (if you make a backup) or at Google Contacts. If you want to know how to restore contacts Android – this article is what you need.

So, how to restore contacts Android from SD-card:

  1. Copy a backup file to your smartphone
  2. Go to Contacts app and open settings
  3. Choose “Import” and select your backup archive
  4. Wait until restore will be done

Now you know how to restore contacts Android from SD-card, but how to restore contacts Google? Here is guide:

  1. Login to your Google account
  2. Enable sync in Account Settings
  3. Just wait until Google will automatically restore your contacts

Done! If you have some troubles with restoring contacts – just write in the comments and I’ll help you as soon as possible!