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Bixby Assistant

The already existing assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana, which search for the information on-demand on the Internet. A distinctive feature of Samsung Bixby is that it is not a search engine.

bixby assistant

The main task of Bixby Samsung Assistant is to simplify the use of the gadget and applications as much as possible. It can work in multiple languages, including English, Korean, and Chinese.

The technologies of artificial intelligence lie at the heart of Samsung Bixby. The specially designed interface and the available options are understood by everyone without much difficulty. As a rule, all voice helpers are severely limited in their capabilities. When using Samsung’s Assistant Bixby, you can totally control the supported applications by the voice commands. It is not uncommon when users pronounce incorrect or incomplete requests. In such cases, Samsung Bixby will not become confused and understand you. This technology is more natural in communicating than it’s predecessors.

How to use Voice Bixby Assistant? Features of the application

You can activate Voice Bixby Assistant by pressing a special button located on the left side of the case, or by voice command. At the moment, Bixby ai Assistant on Samsung has four core functions, namely:

  • Bixby voice. The ability to recognize natural speech. Thanks to the voice control, you can use a smartphone without touching the screen. With voice commands, you can run different applications (gallery, camera, calls, settings, reminders, and so on). If Bixby Assistant did not understand the task at hand, Bixby AI Assistant may ask you to provide some additional information
  • Bixby vision. Additional reality. Using a camera, Bixby Assistant identifies objects in real time and displays the appropriate information to the user. In addition, you can use Bixby vision to translate texts, scan the QR codes and define the location. This feature can be run in the camera application or in Bixby home
  • Bixby reminder. Contextual reminders. You can create the reminders that are activated in a specified case, location or time. This feature can remind you on what page you’ve finished reading the book or what minute did you stop the movie
  • Bixby home. A selection of everything you need in one place. Everything that a user may need — applications, services, and more — appears on the screen

In order to help Bixby Assistant to better define voice, you need to talk to it more often. The company Samsung has a system that gives you the opportunity to get new background color for Bixby Assistant interface if you communicate with your phone.