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How to enable fast charging

When buying a new smartphone, many users make attempt to understand how it works and wonder – how to enable fast charging in Android? In order to enable quick charge of your device, you need:

  • A smartphone itself that supports this feature
  • Power supply, which also supports the accelerated charging
  • High Quality USB cable

enable fast charging

No additional actions are required to enable quick charge. The function is activated by itself during the charge, provided that the device supports Quick Charge.

At the moment there are already quite a few smart phones that support this fast charging feature . Namely: Xiaomi Mi6, Xiaomi Mi Max, HTC 10, Meizu MX6, LG G6, Moto X Force, Galaxy S8 and so on. A complete list can be found on the website of Qualcomm.

Update: Now almost all modern smartphones middle and top segment support fast charging.

How to disable fast charging in Android?

Quick Charge – this is a great feature that allows you to charge the phone several times faster. But there is one negative point, which presents a considerable risk. The heating of the carcass and the internal details of the gadget can cause permanent damage. Not all devices have the function of disable fast charging. Some firmware versions have this feature. To check if your smartphone has this function, go to the settings menu of the battery.

disable fast charging

If you cannot disable fast charging the function programmatically, there are two ways you can address the issue: