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  9. Bypass Asus Zenfone Google account

Bypass Asus Zenfone Google account

To bypass Google Account Asus Zenfone:

  1. Download on your MicroSD card applications Nova Launcher and Assistive Touch
  2. Switch on your smartphone, connect to Wi-Fi, reach Google account confirmation and click on the input box, the keyboard will appear, click on vertical ellipses in the keyboard (upper right corner) and click “Share”
  3. Select Gmail, click add address and select “Personal” (not Google!), log in to your email (any, apart from Google, you can create a new email and then delete it)
  4. After you sign in, click “Go to Gmail, click on the “Back” arrow in the upper left corner and go to the application settings
  5. In the settings, click on the vertical ellipses in the corner and select “Manage Accounts”
  6. The settings are opened! Now open the screen settings and select the “Desktop”, select any wallpaper and the work screen will open
  7. Click “Menu”, open the file manager and install Assistive Touch and Nova Launcher, on request, allow the installation from unknown sources
  8. Return to the application menu by pressing “Back” not “Home”!
  9. Open the Nova Launcher
  10. Go to the settings and enable the developer settings
  11. Click on the white circle and click on “Home” icon, you will be redirected back to the original configuration, finish it by selecting the launcher “Nova Launcher”
  12. Go to settings and reset the settings
  13. After you reset the settings, everything should work fine

Asus FRP bypass is completed! So as you can see it is not difficult to bypass Google account Asus Zenfone Go, if you follow instructions.