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Hide files in Android

There is often a situation when you need to hide files or folders from prying eyes. So you definitely need to know how to hide files in Android without special tools and software.

how to hide files in android

In order to hide files on Android phone, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to file manager
  2. Find the folder you would like to hide
  3. Open the shortcut menu, holding your finger on the file
  4. Click “Rename”
  5. Put the point before the name of the folder

hide files on android phone

If you want the changes to take effect, disable the option “Show hidden files” in explorer settings.

For example, if you want to know how to hide files of Camera folder (or any other) on Android phone, rename it by adding one point at the beginning of the title. The folder name should look like this – .Camera. Don’t be alarmed when this folder will be lost immediately after renaming. It is not lost, it has only disappeared.

You can enable showing hidden folders in the settings of ES Explorer or in the settings of any other file manager you are using.

If you want to return hidden files on Android, then enable the option “Show hidden files” and remove dot in front of the file name. So now you can hide files on Android phone and also show them.

How to hide files and folders on Android using Windows

If you hide folder and files on Android, they will be hidden only on Android. If after you hide file and folder you connect the smart device to PC based on Windows operating system, the all file you hide will be visible on your computer. But they will still remain hidden on Android.

How to hide files and folders in Windows:

  1. Select folders/files with dots at the beginning of their names
  2. Call the context menu
  3. Check the box next to “Hidden”
  4. Click “Apply” and then “OK”

If you have any questions about how to hide files and folders in Android mobile, ask us in the comments below.