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How to disable Google Play Protect on Android

Google Play protection is an easy way to protect your device from unwanted viruses, not only before installing the application, but also periodically scanning the device for danger, and if necessary, deletes them.

There are two ways to disable Google Play protection:

  • When you block the installation of the application, you can see the item “Install anyway (unsafe)”, which you need to click on and solve your problem
  • Directly disable protection in Google Play

And the first and second method can lead to troubles in the form of malware and harm your device. However, if you decide to take such a step, then keep the antivirus handy.

To disable protection in Play Market you need:

  • Go to Play Market
  • Press the three bars at the top left, thus calling up the side menu
  • Select “Google Play Protection”
  • Click on the gear in the upper right
  • Disable Detect Security ThreatsHow to disable Google Play Protect on Android phone

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