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How to fix Install blocked on Android

What to do if the notification catches up with the application Install blocked? First you need to determine the cause of this message, and already from it you can understand how to fix the situation.

install blocked
The easiest way to allow the installation of the application from unknown sources. To do this, in the settings you need to find “Security” and opposite the item “Unknown sources” move the slider so that the installation function is activated.
unknown sources

If the message “App is not installed” appears (is there still such an interpretation “The installation of the application is blocked by the administrator on Android”)? Have to experiment a bit.

An administrator can be:

  • Antivirus
  • One of the Google services applications
  • Virus
  • Parental control

To solve the problem you need:

  • Go to settings
  • Find item “Security”
  • Further “Administrators”
  • Remove administrator rights to unnecessary applications (it is possible to turn on / off the necessary ones one by one to understand which one is blocking the installation)

deactivate administrator permissions app android

If the application that blocks the installation cannot be disabled, then you will have to uninstall it during the installation.
Still not working? Check your smartphone for viruses and remove them.

When installing the application, the message “Action is prohibited, the function is disabled, contact your administrator”? This means that the installation is prevented by parental control, then without harming the device it will not be possible to disable it, so it’s easier to agree with the one who installed it.

Now the error Install blocked should not appear. Did you manage to install the application? Write in the comments if you have questions.

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