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How to lock Gallery on Android

Need to emergency lock Gallery? There is one proven way.

To do this, you will need a Smart AppLock application. After all, unfortunately, there are almost no official firmware, where you can password only a separate application.

It’s sad that the developers do not think that you can give someone a phone call, and they climb to see how and with whom you spent your vacation 😉

To lock the Gallery Android (you can use for other applications), you need:

  • Download the application
  • Press a button “Enable”
  • Draw an unlock patter
  • Give it all necessary permission (after setting the password, we advise you to go to the application again to configure access to the overlay on top of other Windows)
  • Select applications that need protection
  • Verify efficiency of Gallery and Photo lock

Also, in the application settings, it is better to configure a security question in case you forget the password.

I hope you no longer have a question how to put a password on the application gallery, and if you do not understand something or something did not work – write in the comments.

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