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Manage startup programs

Disabling the applications does not guarantee that they will not start again after a while, and if you restart the device, this will reduce to nothing all your efforts. All because some applications have an autostart function and are launched together with the system. That’s why it is necessary to know the answer to the question “how do I manage startup programs?”

Autostarts is one of the most time-tested programs to disable startup applications. Xposed is not required for the use of this program, and at the same time, it has much more capabilities as an app startup manager than Boot Manager. But before using the application you need to view startup programs. The program also requires ROOT rights.

To manage startup programs follow instruction:

  1. Open Autostarts app
  2. Give it root privileges
  3. Select group that you want to edit
  4. Long tap on the app, that you want to disable
  5. Press “Disable”

Now this app will not startup before you open it. It can help you to increase battery life and speed up your Android device!

And how do you manage startup programs in Android? How do you view startup programs? Write in comments below.