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Greenify app

Greenify app is one of the best programs to remove the applications from the background and limit their startup. The Greenify app doesn’t belong to system apps, so you can download it from Play Market.

You can use Greenify without ROOT access, but in this case, the applications will have to be disabled manually every time, and there is a convenient widget for it. If your device has ROOT, the startup will be switched off automatically. You can read the article about root access for any Android smartphone.

Greenify app for stop background activity

To disable background activity of any app with Greenify follow this simple instruction:

  1. Click on the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and select the application you would like to disable from the list
  2. Then press the check mark button and confirm the selection
  3. Background activity and startup of the selected applications will be disabled until they are needed again

When you need these applications, just use them as usual, and Greenify app will disable them again after using, clearing the random access memory from background processes. The paid version of the application sends you push notifications from the dormant programs.