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Startup app Android

Do you want to find out how to control startup app Android? So you need to know that BootManager is a module for Xposed Framework, which allows you to easily and conveniently understand how to configure startup app Android. To use it you need to have the superuser rights and Xposed Installer.

  1. Run the application Xposed Installer
  2. In the “Download” section, using the search, find BootManager and install it
  3. In the notification shade, you will receive a message that the module is not yet active. Click on it, and then in the window that appears check BootManager
  4. Restart the device

Then start BootManager, it will scan the application on the device and give you the list.

In the opened list, select the startup programs you want to disable, and just click on them. The selected programs will be highlighted in red – this means that you have caught how to turn off startup programs, therefore, they won’t be started up the next time you switch on the device. So now you understand how to stop startup app Android!

Startup app Android

It should be also mentioned that the free version of the program shows only the applications that you have installed. The list of system applications can be seen only in the paid version of the program, so you won’t be able to stop those programs from running at startup.

Have you disable startup applications Android? Share your experience in the comments!