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Baseus Bowie M2 review

Today we have TWS Baseus Bowie M2 headphones on review, which can be purchased for $ 35-39 on Aliexpress, depending on sales, and they can offer us excellent noise reduction, good sound and battery life. But first things first.

Baseus Bowie M2 review 1


  • Material: ABS, PC
  • Signal distance: up to 10m
  • Average battery life in music listening mode: up to 5 hours
  • Average battery life including case: 30 hours
  • Battery capacity: 40 mAh / 0.148 Wh
  • Case capacity: 400 mAh / 1.48 Wh
  • Average full charge time: about 1 hour
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Charging connector: Type-C
  • Compatible with all wireless devices

The headphones arrived in a Baseus branded box. You can buy them in two colors, black and white.

The package includes a minimum set of:

  • The headphones themselves in the charging case
  • USB Type-C cable about 50 cm long
  • Manual, Quick Guide and Warranty Card

Baseus Bowie M2 review 2


The size of the case is standard, which allows you to carry them without discomfort in any clothes and bag.

Baseus Bowie M2 review 3

The case is made of black matte plastic with a very pleasant, slightly rough finish. On the front side, under the cover, there is a small LED that shows the approximate charge level of the case.

On the back side there is a button which can reset the headphones to factory settings.

There is a Type-C port for charging on the bottom side.

Headphones themselves are made of plastic, the outer part is made of glossy plastic, the inner part is matte.

Baseus Bowie M2 review 4

I am comfortable wearing only the Earbuds, but these ear pads fit well and do not put pressure on the ear. With sudden movements of the head, the headphones sit tightly, do not even twitch.

The speaker and microphone in the headphones are protected by metal mesh. There are touch areas on the outside of the sticks, there are also two pressure relief holes on the case, and at the bottom there are plugs for charging.


Baseus Bowie M2 touch controls:

  • Music playback mode
  • Double tap: Play/Pause
  • Triple press: Voice assistant
  • Long press left earphone: Previous track
  • Long press on the right earphone: Next track

Call mode

  • Double tap: Answer / Hang up
  • Long press 3 seconds: Reset

To change the headphone control, you need to download the Baseus app from the App Store or Play Market. There is a tab for changing settings, up to disabling touch control at all.

Baseus Bowie M2 review 5

Also in the application, you can activate the search for the earpiece, it will start emitting a signal gradually increasing. But if it is lying around somewhere, then you need to carefully listen to the sound, but still a very useful function.

Sound and my opinion

The headphones support SBC and AAC codec, you can also check this in the Bluetooth connection settings. As for the sound quality, the bass is pretty good. The sounds do not mix into a mess, the volume is enough, but without much margin.

The quality of the microphone is good, the conversation is heard clearly and without unnecessary sounds. Noise reduction really works, and in the application you can specify what exactly needs to be muffled.

Baseus Bowie M2 review 6

In games, there is no sound delay, and activating the low latency mode does not really change anything.

Transparency mode allows you to hear the environment or the interlocutor, which is nice when the headphones are in-ear, but you can use the normal mode as well.

Bottom line

In general, I liked the Baseus Bowie M2 headphones, even though the volume is a bit lacking in noisy places. Convenience, the ability to turn off the touch buttons and stop the music when removing the earpiece turned out to be important elements for me. Well, the price is quite reasonable for these TWS headphones.

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