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Hello everyone, AndroidMir is with you, today we have a review of Itel Vision 1 Pro in Cosmic Shine color, which in our opinion means cosmic radiance. By the way, the price of a smartphone in Russia is now 7490 rubles, so you need to understand right away that the smartphone will compete with competitors in almost the lowest price segment among Android smartphones. And at the same time, he even has something to offer the buyer. Let’s go.

The box itself looks very presentable, made of good cardboard and has a high-quality print. And on the back side, the main characteristics are listed.

Itel Vision 1 Pro Box


Inside the box you can find:

  • A box with silicone bumper and papers Itel Vision 1 Pro case bumper
  • The smartphone itself with a branded sticker on the screen, by the way, is not as light as the most budget phones usually haveItel Vision 1 Pro android smartphone
  • 5V 1A chargerItel Vision 1 Pro Charger
  • MicroUSB charging cableItel Vision 1 Pro micro USB cable

Quite a standard kit, but for this money Xiaomi does not even give a case.


Now it’s time to take a look at the Itel Vision1 Pro smartphone itself. Outwardly, it is quite similar to most modern smartphones, but here it can be attributed rather to the advantages of the phone, because in the budget segment, distinctive features usually do not bode well.

Itel Vision 1 Pro design

The rear cameras, in modern terms, are in a separate block, and next to them there is a fingerprint scanner, and it really is in its place, the finger still lies on it, at least in my hand.

Itel Vision 1 Pro scanner fingerprint

The back cover is removable and the battery compartment is protected by a metal plate.

Itel Vision 1 Pro metal battery cover

It is convenient that there are 2 slots for SIM cards and a slot for a memory card.

Itel Vision 1 Pro slots for SIM cards and memory


I take off the film, and under it there is another protective one and turn on the smartphone. Immediately after turning on and connecting to the Internet, the smartphone asked to be updated, which I did.


Really, a large and bright 6.5” display. A resolution of 1640 x 720 pixels is enough, everything looks sharp, but let’s take a look at some beautiful video.

Itel Vision 1 Pro youtube

The brightness is enough, it’s not expensive AMOLED, but I like it. But, unfortunately, there is no auto brightness adjustment, you need to manually change it.


As for the sound, there is only one media speaker, at the bottom at the back, but quite loud. Listen in the video review.

Itel Vision 1 Pro Overview sound

Watching a movie or listening to a podcast is enough, and you can listen to music through headphones, because there is a 3.5 mm jack on top.


The processor is a quad-core UNISOC SC9832E 1.4 GHz with a Mali-T820 video core.

Itel Vision 1 Pro processor specifications

This is not the most powerful processor, and certainly not a gaming one, but you can see how it works in normal mode, it flips through the interface quite quickly and applications do not start for hours. That is, it is quite comfortable to use, although, of course, you should not expect a lightning-fast response.

The RAM is 2 GB LPDDR3, and the permanent storage is 32 GB + it can be expanded with a MicroSD memory card.

Itel Vision 1 Pro system

Messengers, Youtube and simple apps work great, but how much more do you need?

Itel Vision 1 Pro Androidmir

Such a smartphone operation is provided by lightweight Android 10 with a beautiful HiOS shell, which contains many useful additions, which, for example, include call recording, gestures and other usefulness.

Itel Vision 1 Pro HiOS

Let’s run a couple of toys and see if the Itel Vision 1 Pro can at least play casual games and pass the time:


Although the rear module with cameras consists of 3 matrices, you should only rely on the main one with a resolution of 8 MP, autofocus and aperture F / 2.0.

Itel Vision 1 Pro Cameras

She can only take decent pictures in good light (usually during the day). Macro shots come out quite sharp and cool, while long shots are a little less clear.

Itel Vision 1 Pro camera interface


The 5 MP front camera, as well as the main one, has the ability to shoot bokeh and its capabilities are quite enough for normal video communication.


Itel Vision 1 Pro has a capacious 4000 mAh battery, and it can be fully charged in a little more than 4 hours.

Itel Vision 1 Pro interface

But how long will such a container last? Of course, it all depends on your usage scenario, but still it should be enough for a day or two in standard mode.


In general, Itel Vision 1 Pro made a good impression, and looking at its characteristics, first of all, you need to look at the price, and only after that give an assessment. And here, for your money, the phone is really not bad, but there is a simple camera and performance, but if you need a camera phone or a gaming smartphone, then you are in a different budget, completely.

Itel Vision 1 Pro boost

And here is a great option for undemanding users, and even a very nice HiOS shell, which I find very convenient and beautiful. Plus, good autonomy and, most importantly, a high-quality display, which is the main focus. So, if you were looking for a well-balanced Android smartphone in the 7-8 thousand price range, then Itel Vision 1 Pro is a good choice.

You can buy Itel Vision 1 Pro in dns-shop.ru for only 7499 rubles

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