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BQ Magic O BQ6424L Review

Hello everyone, today we have another modern smartphone BQ Magic O BQ6424L.

It is very similar in appearance to its older brother BQ Magic S.

Among the main differences there are:

  • Small circular cutout for the front camera
  • Increased screen size 6.35” vs. previous model with 5.84”
  • Updated Helio P23 processor
  • And the lack of a headphone jack – all of a sudden!

BQ Magic O

Overview and equipment of BQ Magic O BQ6424L

BQ Magic O came to us in a branded white box with a ferris wheel, and inside we found the following:

  • Smartphone BQ6424L in blue-green color
  • SIM card tray clip
  • Manual and warranty card
  • USB Type-C to 3.5mm mini headphone jack
  • Standard 5V 2A charger
  • USB Type-C charging cable

BQ Magic O accessories

We haven’t seen other colors live, but judging by our specimen, they should look very interesting too. The side faces shine bright blue, which is even closer to azure, and the back cover smoothly turns into black.

BQ Magic O back cover

And although it looks very beautiful, the gloss perfectly collects dust and fingerprints, which you constantly want to wipe. Therefore, immediately think about buying a case to admire the beauty and cleanliness of your smartphone, as well as to protect it from scratches, because the back cover is made of plastic.

The screen has been enlarged in the updated model, paying tribute to fashion, although now it fits harder in a pocket.

BQ Magic O front camera under the screen

But the frames have become a little smaller, except for the bottom part, it still needs to be worked on in the future.

In terms of the arrangement of elements, everything looks more than standard and ergonomic, and a convenient and fast fingerprint scanner is also installed on the back panel.


The BQ Magic O has a good 6.35″ IPS screen with HD+ 1560×720 resolution. The display is normal, bright, juicy and has all the necessary adjustments.

BQ Magic O screen

The touch layer responds well to the finger and multi-touch supports up to 5 simultaneous touches.


In terms of sound, everything in the BQ6424L is standard and not bad at the same time. The volume of the main speaker is more than enough, while the quality remains at an acceptable level.

BQ Magic O sound

Even with the adapter, the sound through the headphones remains quite good, especially with a good headset.

Operating system and stuffing

I was very pleased with the updated eight-core processor from Mediatek – Helio P23 with a maximum frequency of 2 GHz. Although the processor belongs to the budget level class, it has good performance. This can be seen both in benchmarks and in normal use.

3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage are installed.

Game performance is provided by the Mali G71 graphics, and I must say, it copes well with most games, such as CoD Mobile, with a very beautiful picture, it runs smoothly and does not overheat the smartphone much, and you can also enjoy playing MOBA games like Mobile Legends.


There were no surprises with the device as a communicator. Mobile communication works clearly, and the Internet catches quite well.

Wi-Fi antenna does its job and even supports 5 GHz networks.

It will also be important for many to have an NFC module with a working Google PAY for contactless payments.

GPS navigation works well even indoors, quickly connecting to a large number of satellites.

Camera of BQ Magic O BQ6424L

The cameras in BQ Magic O were not heavily emphasized, so a standard 13 MP module with additional eyes of 2 and 0.3 MP was installed.

There are many auxiliary modes in the camera interface, the most interesting of which is the pro mode.

BQ Magic O camera interface

The main camera makes excellent landscapes and portraits during daylight hours. Of course, you can’t exactly call this device a camera phone, but it’s enough for everyday tasks, and outdoors it will help you to take memorable photos.

Photo + HDR

The selfie camera, located in the corner of the screen, also takes very high-quality pictures, quite suitable for social networks and Instagram.

BQ Magic O BQ6424L Review 15

Autonomy of BQ Magic O BQ6424L

The BQ Magic O already has a sufficiently capacious 3900 mAh battery, which can provide work for a day and a half in a medium-loaded mode.


BQ Magic O androidmir youtube

Based on all of the above, BQ 6424L, it turned out to be a solid smartphone for young people with interesting design, good performance and balanced characteristics. It will be able to compete with other smartphones in this price bracket.

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