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INOI 244Z Review – the military phone

Hello everyone, today we have a military phone INOI 244Z on our review.

Now, in 2020, probably almost everyone has a very sophisticated Android or IOS smartphone with a bunch of features, a camera and a touch screen. But in some kinds of activity, such an apparatus is unacceptable, such as in the army, due to the secrecy of most actions and objects. That is why there is a demand for phones without additional tracking and recording features.

The INOI company released a new model quite recently, at the beginning of 2020, aiming specifically at the military personnel. So INOI 244Z fully complies with the requirements for the devices for military men.

Based on this, INOI 244Z does not have advanced multimedia capabilities.

The phone is missing:

  • Voice recorder
  • Additional flash drive
  • Bluetooth
  • Cameras
  • Internet access and MMS

Judging from the point of view of a non-military person, the phone is simply designed to make calls, send SMS messages and perform some organizer functions, and no more.

Overview and equipment of INOI 244Z

Overview military phone INOI 244Z box

The phone is sold in a small white box, and in the kit you can find:

  • Charger with fixed microUSB cable
  • A little instruction
  • A battery for the phone

Obzor military phone INOI 244Z output

As for the appearance of the INOI 244Z, the phone really looks like a military one, green (there is also a black color) brutal body made of plastic and metal plates on the sides, giving reliability and comfortable grip in the hand.

Overview of military phone INOI 244Z side faces

The back cover is completely made of plastic, only in the upper part there is a large speaker area with the inscription “3D SOUND”. The sound from it is certainly loud, but the most common, like in other phones.

Overview of the INOI 244Z military phone back cover

At the bottom there is a microUSB charging port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack, as well as a microphone.

INOI 244Z military phone overview from below

Sufficiently large peephole of a flashlight is installed on the upper edge.

INOI 244Z military phone overview from above

The front panel buttons are large and easy to press with a distinct click. The text on them is printed well and is easy to read, although the clicks themselves could be softer.

Obzor military phone INOI 244Z buttons

Display and characteristics of INOI 244Z

I was also pleased with the presence of a large, as for a simple phone, display with a diagonal of 2.4 ”with a resolution of 240×320 pixels.

Obzor military phone INOI 244Z screen

It is very comfortable to hold the phone in your hand, thanks to its unusually small dimensions (after smartphones) – 128×56.5×12.3 mm and light weight – 104 grams. Plastic is certainly not the most pleasant, but the cost of the phone does not promise us premium materials.

Starting talking about the characteristics, I want to make a reservation that in essence they are not important in such a simple phone. But we have to talk about them.

The processor is Mediatek MTK6261d, designed for wearable electronics such as smartwatches and more. But it is enough for calls, sms and even mini-toys.

Memory in INOI 244Z is also not much, in comparison with smartphones on Android, only 32 MB, both operational and internal. But there is no need for it.

What is much more important is the support of two full-size SIM cards at once, which can be installed by removing the battery under the back cover.


I’ve already said several times what functions are missing, and now it’s time to list everything that the INOI 244Z can do:

  • The most banal thing is to call, by the way, the quality of the speaker is not bad, you can hear the interlocutor well Review of military phone INOI 244Z dialer
  • SMS messaging, of course Overview of military phone INOI 244Z sms
  • Powerful flashlightINOI military phone overview 244Z flashlight
  • FM radio INOI 244Z military phone review FM radio
  • Calendar, clock, alarm and calculator – basic set
  • Games. Despite the presence of games, you can play only a few times, and then you have to pay to open the game. This is somehow strange for a phone of this format. Review of military phone INOI 244Z game

All these features are accessible from a simple and colorful menu, and there is even an Airplane mode.


And finally, about autonomy. The INOI 244Z has a very capacious 2000 mAh battery.

Overview of military phone INOI 244Z battery

Given the “wide” set of functions and non-gluttonous hardware, such a battery will last for a long time.

In talk mode, it can last up to 13 hours, and this, you know, with an average number of calls, about a week. Well, if you completely forget about the phone and use it extremely rarely, then the subject may be more than enough.


Well, summing up, it should be noted that the INOI 244Z copes well with the task of “ringing and not distracting”.

Of course, I would like to see here plastic which is more pleasant to the touch, but the side metal plates on the case are simply excellent. The screen is large, the buttons are large and clear, and the battery helps to forget what charging is.

Overview of military phone INOI 244Z to overview

The phone turned out to be quite good, although it is aimed at a rather narrow layer of people who will definitely find it useful.

By the way, the phone looks outwardly very brutal, don’t you think so?

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