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Error code 24 Google Play

There are no difficulties in installing the application from the Google Play, but sometimes it is a real headache. One day you can notice an unknown error code 24 in Play Store during downloading or installation of the app. Let’s discuss this problem, that you can face with and find out what is error code 24 in the Android Google Play and what to do for troubleshooting error code 24.

Error 24 android play store

I tried to install one application from Google Play, which I removed from my tablet a few months ago. Suddenly, the message: Unknown error code during application installation: “-24”, had appeared on my screen. First, I started panicking because of error code 24 on Play Store, and all my thoughts were about “oh, my god, I broke my tablet!”. Don’t do that, it makes no sense.

So why is happening this type of error 24 in Play Store Android? Of course, It’s all because of data garbage in your device system files. Everything will start working right without error 24 Google Play if you clear:

  • All empty folders
  • Other needless files
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