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SPD Research Download how to use?

Research Download how to use instruction for Android update SpreadTrum based smartphones. First step to use the Research Download tool is make sure, that your smartphone used SPD processor.

After that, download the latest official firmware for Research Download tool in the .PAC format and save it to your PC. Make sure, that your smartphone or tablet have at least 50% charge of battery and follow Research Download guide:

Research Download how to use?

  • Press “Play” button, if the warning window will pop up – press “Ok”

Research Download how to use?

    • Turn off your device, press and hold a volume up button and connect USB cable
    • You can release the volume button when the program will start flashing
  • When flash will be done you’ll receive window with status “Passed” or “Success”
  • Press Stop button and close the program
  • Disconnect your device and turn it on

Done! Now you know how to use Research Download Tool! Have some questions – write it in the comments below!