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BQ Element 6645L Review

Hello everyone, today we are reviewing the BQ 6645L Element. This is a new smartphone from BQ

So, what do we get for this money? Let’s figure it out!

In Box

A nice white box with a picture of a smartphone and the model name also contains brief specifications of the smartphone on its end.

Obzor-BQ Element 6645L box

And on the back side you can also see the complete set of the device:

  • Smartphone
  • Separate battery
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • Warranty card
  • And instruction manual

Obzor BQ Element 6645L package

Quite a standard set, it’s a pity, of course, that there is no complete case, at least the simplest for the first time, but on the other hand, such a handsome man can not be hidden in a case. On the back cover there is a camera unit, a fingerprint scanner and the main speaker.

Obzor-BQ Element 6645L bottom cover

Just look at this back cover, the rough plastic is very pleasant to the touch and makes you want to hold it in your hand.

Obzor-BQ Element 6645L back cover

Feels very light, although hey, you have to put a battery in it.

Here, now everything is in its place, anyway, the phone is not heavy, exactly as it should be. All controls are in place, it is very comfortable in the hand.

Screen and sound in BQ Element 6645L

Let’s turn on the BQ ELement and look at its screen. By the way, when you turn it on for the first time, we are greeted by the standard BQ home screen, as in other BQ smartphones.

Obzor BQ Element 6645L working table wallpaper

And the display itself is quite large – 6.52″, and its resolution is 1200 x 540 pixels, which, as it were, is not the most outstanding indicator in 2021, but it looks quite normal. And the IPS matrix can please with excellent viewing angles.

Obzor BQ Element 6645L screen

The main speaker produces a fairly loud and good sound, it will do just fine for video and calls.

Obzor BQ Element 6645L music sound


The filling of the BQ 6645L is quite consistent with its budget. As a processor, an 8-core SC9863 is installed, with frequencies of 1.6 GHz, in conjunction with a PowerVR GE8322 video core. A set that has long been proven, which coped well with phones with FullHD screens, but here there will be even an abundance of such power.

Obzor-BQ Element 6645L stuffing processor

The memory set is 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage, expandable with a microSD card.

By the way, you can insert 2 Nano SIM cards and a memory card into your smartphone at once. But it is important to do this with the phone turned off, as the inscription “NO HOT PLUG” says.

Overview of BQ Element 6645L under the cover slots for SIM cards and memory cards

The latest version of Android 11 is installed, with all the consequences. I am glad that even budget BQ models receive fresh versions of operating systems from the Dobro Corporation.

Obzor BQ Element 6645L Android 11

Let’s check what BQ Element is capable of in games, as this is the real and, at the same time, the biggest load on the smartphone’s hardware. (see the gameplay in games in the B6645L video review)

Obzor-BQ Element 6645L game asphalt 9

I was satisfied with the work of wireless interfaces, the connection works adequately, Wi-Fi and mobile Internet work quickly, and GPS finds satellites without any problems.

Obzor-BQ Element 6645L plants vs zombie

The fingerprint scanner also adds convenience by unlocking your smartphone almost instantly.

The removable battery is designed for 1 day of work, with a capacity of 4000 mAh, and if you do not often turn on the screen, then of course the smartphone will live much longer.

BQ Element Camera

Well, for dessert, you need to look at what the cameras in this phone are capable of. Behind, although a module for 2 matrices is installed, only one of them is 13 MP, it takes photos and shoots video, and the second one at 0.08 MP is best left alone.

Obzor BQ Element 6645L camera 13 mp

The main camera was able to pleasantly surprise me, because I did not expect any special result at all, but it was not there. On the BQ Element, under good conditions, you can get quite nice shots, with good detail. Auto mode handles focusing and exposure quite adequately, but it can also be selected manually. Just look at a few examples to see the overall quality of the shots.


The 5MP front camera simply functions as a selfie camera for video calling or a mirror.


Holding the BQ Element in your hands does not feel its cheap price, and the screen resolution is a bit small, but it has a very positive effect on the overall performance. By most parameters, this is just a good smartphone, but the camera can even be distinguished from everything else, it really gives a good result on the first press of the shutter button. What else do you need from a smartphone in the budget segment? Write in the comments!

BQ 6645L Element at BQ.

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