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Itel A48 Review

Hello everyone, today we are reviewing a inexpensive smartphone from itel A48.

Obzor-itel A48 box

The main features can be immediately seen on a fairly presentable red box with a picture of the smartphone itself.

Obzor-itel A48 features


  • 6.1” HD+ display
  • Memory set 2/32 GB
  • Fingerprint and face unlock
  • Android 10 Go
  • Dual Camera
  • Support for 4G LTE networks
  • Quad-core processor
  • And a 3000 mAh battery

Package and appearance

And the package contains everything you need to start using it:

  • The itel A48 smartphone itself with a protective film already glued on
  • Transparent plastic case
  • Battery
  • Instruction
  • 5V 1A chargerOverview of itel A48 charger
  • As well as a MicroUSB cable

First you need to install the battery under the removable back cover.

Obzor-itel A48 battery installation

There are also two slots for Nano Sim cards and a separate slot for a MicroSD card. Naturally, the back cover is plastic, like the ends of the phone.

Obzor itel A48 plastic

On the right side there is a volume rocker and a power button, and the left side is empty.

Overview of itel A48 buttons at the end

There are 3 color options for the back cover:

Obzor-itel A48 design

  • Black, like ours
  • Purple
  • Green

There is a MicroUSB connector and a microphone on the bottom of the case, and a miniJack for headphones on the top.

Obzor-itel A48 case

Itel A48 lies very well in the hand, thanks to its dimensions. It’s hard to find a comfortable smartphone these days, so that’s a big plus.
The fingerprint scanner on the back with vibration when unlocking works well, it’s already quite a proven technology.

Obzor-itel A48 scanner in action


6.1” The HD+ resolution display is made using IPS technology and this is enough for comfortable use. The fonts are quite clear and easy to read, and the color reproduction is at a very comfortable level, especially for a budget smartphone.

Obzor itel A48 Display

Still, I am very pleased that even in this segment I started to put quite decent screens.

Operating system

The smartphone runs a lightweight version of Android 10 Go Edition, which allows it to work quite smoothly and quickly. Immediately after the launch, the smartphone received several updates, which is good, because it means they are working on it and polishing the software part so that the phone works better.

Obzor-itel A48 firmware update

In addition, there are third-party add-ons from Itel, for example, you can configure the use of a flash for incoming notifications and calls, it looks very cool.

Overview itel A48 interface settings

You can also fine-tune the desktop and add some gestures, which can be a very useful feature. I was also pleased with the ability to record calls, which is not available in every budget phone.

Overview itel A48 call recorder


Memory is quite enough for a budget smartphone – 32 GB + it is possible to expand it with a memory card, but 2 GB of RAM, but given the lightweight Android Go, this should be enough. Applications do not start instantly, but they do not take long to wait. Multitasking is minimal, but present.

Obzor-itel A48 memory

The processor is a quad-core Spreadtrum SC9832E clocked at 1.4 GHz and made using a 28 nm process technology. Video chip – Mali-T820 MP1 with a frequency of 680 MHz.

Obzor itel A48 processor

This is certainly not enough for demanding games, but it can not be strangled by ordinary use, and simple games can also be done by it. (watch video)

Obzor-itel A48 game


The camera here is 5 MP, and this is already enough to understand that you shouldn’t count on it much, but nevertheless, you can get such a photo plan under fairly good shooting conditions.

Obzor-itel A48 camera


The smartphone writes video in FullHD, if you watch it on your phone, it’s not bad at all. The front camera also has a resolution of 5 MP.


By plugging in headphones, you can turn on the built-in radio even through the main speaker, and you can also watch a movie or listen to music through the headphones themselves.

Obzor itel A48 sound radio

The volume of the speaker is not bad, but it is better to leave it for calls, while watching videos and listening to podcasts is better at a medium volume level, so the sound will be much clearer.


A 3000 mAh battery no longer impresses with its size, although it was an excellent indicator 5 years ago, but it is enough for a whole day of average use. Of course, if you actively use the Internet or watch movies, then it will last for 5 hours of an active screen, which is also quite a good indicator.

Obzor-itel A48 battery

Battery charging time is approximately 3 hours.


To summarize and talk about my personal impression, then I think that for the money, Itel A48 is not bad at all. It is perfect for schoolchildren, pensioners or just for those who need a compact and inexpensive smartphone without frills, but at the same time with a good screen and 4G Internet support.

Obzor-itel A48 youtube AndroidMir

What do you think of this smartphone? Write in the comments, I’m also interested in your opinion.

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