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What is Root access

The Android operating system provides different ways to set up and customize your device, but they are not all available to the average user. To get full control over the smartphone – you need to find out “what is root access mean?” and then root Android device and become a Super-user.

What is root access mean? First of all, rooting is a process of getting full access to all smartphone, tablet or other device using the Android OS functions. Therefore, if you want to delete system files or boost battery of your smartphone, it’s necessary to try rooting Android.

Users who are not informed what does rooting a phone mean and how root Android device can be done, have a risk to spend a lot of time to get root and learn how to use it. However, time – not a problem, compared with what you can simply cause a lot of damage to your smartphone.

Benefits of rooting Android phone:

  • Changing, or deleting system applications and files
  • Installation of special applications that need root
  • Using of additional settings and functions of Android
  • Removing the system pre-installed programs and unnecessary files
  • Using software and tweaks for improvement performance and battery life of the device
  • Removing of the advertising banners from applications and games

what is root access

That’s what is meant by rooting a phone (device) on Android.

Deficiencies of rooted phone:

  • Loss of warranty (but root access can be canceled if it is necessary)
  • Unstable device working, if system files were damaged or tweaks were use
  • Loss of OTA firmware update receiving function from the manufacturer

After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages and revising, what is root and what is root access in Android mobile phone, you can move on to the next step and get root access.