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DF-CHARTA-01 error code fix

Error DF-CHARTA-01 Google Play Store is directly linked to the university or school Google account, which cannot be used to download applications. There are two ways to the DF-CHARTA-01 Play Store fix.

The first method suggests creating new personal Google account, with it you’ll be able to download any apps.

To use second method you’ll need administrator account to activate “Google Play”, it can be used only with university accounts:

  • Open this web page in any browser
  • Choose “Add account”
  • Enter administrator login and password
  • Go to administrator console – apps – more apps from Google

DF-CHARTA-01 error code fix

  • Enable Google Play

Done! Now DF-CHARTA-01 error Google Play Store will disappear! If you have some troubles with this instruction – write in the comments and I’ll help you.