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DF-PPA-60 error code fix

If you encounter a server DF-PPA-60 error code – keep calm, there is several methods how to fix DF-PPA-60 error code.

First of all you need to verify your billing information in the Google:

  • Open Google Pay web page
  • Click on the settings
  • Check your billing profile, edit it if something is wrong

DF-PPA-60 error code fix

  • Save your GPay profile

Now reboot your Android-device and check is DF-PPA-60 error is still there. If error don’t fixed – try this methods:

  1. Try to switch mobile connection to Wi-Fi, or use another operator
  2. Check is date and time is correct
  3. Clear cache and updates of Google Play Store
  4. Create new account
  5. Factory reset

If all else fails, write your device model in the comments and I will help you solve this problem.