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How to set up account for Google

To take full advantage of many Google services and access app downloads on Google Play, you need to sign in with your free Google account. To set up account for Google on Android you need to start with the user registration.

So you ask: “how do I set up my google account?” Follow these steps that can help to set up account for Google:

  1. Open any Google app on your Android device
  2. After opening app will immediately appear “Add account” menu
  3. In order to create a new account, click the button “New”
  4. In the next window of registration, you will be asked to enter your surname and first name in any language. In order to confirm the entered data at all stages of the registration, press the arrow button “Next” located on the right
  5. In the next step of registration, you will need to enter the e-mail address (consisting of letters or numbers). If the selected name already exists, a message stating that you must change it will appear on the screen.
  6. The next step will be to create a password to protect your new account

After confirmation of the entered password, a message offering you to join other Google services will appear on the screen. If you want to decline the offer, click “Not now”.

You must enter the data that is required in the following window – it will help you to restore access to your account in case you forget your password. It is an additional email address and an answer to your secret question. Additional e-mail address is not required.

Registration will result in the user agreement and user authentication. Done! You’ve completed set up account for Google on Android.