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Block ads android

You can find out how to block ads Android. Advertising accompanies a person throughout his life. But you must admit that it actually gets under your skin. We see it everywhere, on TV, radio, and even bus stops. Everywhere we go – there it is! And now it has reached the internet. But you can block ads on your Android device! You can remove ads from Android phone browser, both on Android phone with Root access and without it.

Advertising on mobile phones occupies a lot of space on the screen, which is very small even without any ads. Sometimes it even covers the interface buttons. In addition, there are numerous cases where the advertising is the source of viruses. No one wants to tolerate such a situation, therefore, it’s time to learn about the benefits of the ability to block ads on Android.

First of all, if you have ads, that displayed without any running apps – probably you got a virus and you need to delete it:

  1. Download and install antivirus app, for example this antivirus
  2. Run full scan of your device
    • If ads code will be found in user apps – just uninstall it
    • Ads can be preinstalled, in this case you need root access to uninstall it
  3. After deleting infected apps maybe you don’t need to block ads Android

If you still got a lot of ads – you can block ads Android with the following instructions.