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Factory reset Android

If your device doesn’t give you access to “Reset settings” from the menu, then the option of factory reset Android phone is for you. Return to the factory settings from the recovery mode does not involve logging into the system, so it can be used in case of cyclical loading.

How to factory reset settings on Android mobile phone through standard recovery:

  • Hold down the power button until the device switches off, you can try to remove and insert the battery if it is possible
  • Hold down a specific combination of buttons, each manufacturer has its own combination how to reset your android phone
IT IS IMPORTANT! If you do a complete reset setting of Android settings, all user data will be deleted! Be sure to backup all your important data!
Factory reset Android

The standard recovery may not respond to pressing with the finger, in this case, you should use the volume buttons and the power button (in most cases, the volume buttons – navigation up/down, power button – confirmation). It sometimes happens that only the volume buttons may be used, in this case, one of them is navigation and second is confirmation).

To reset any Android device to the factory settings, you need to choose a command Wipe data/factory reset, select it and confirm reset.

When the factory reset Android phone is completed, select Reboot System, the device will reboot. It can take quite a long time, be patient and do not switch off the device during the process!