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Battery not charging

To be able to understand how to fix “Not charging phone”, first of all you need to know what is the reason of the problem:

  1. Charger is not suitable
  2. Battery is dead

How do you know that the charger is not suitable for your phone or tablet:

  • Charger is not “out of the box” or “not native”, or fake (carefully check the charger’s appearance, the brand should be the same as on your phone/tablet, which is especially important for older Samsung tablets) to be able then to find out how to fix Android phone or tablet battery is not charging
  • Another charger is charging without problems, and when I connect the device to my native charger, the phone or tablet does not charge properly
  • The charge only increases when the phone/tablet is switched off (clear indication of insufficient power of the charger)

If anything of the above is the case, you should replace the charger. If the list above is not helped – try to replace battery to fix “not charging phone” problem.

If you decide to buy a new charger to fix the problem “phone battery is not charging”, pay attention to the current and voltage output, for modern smartphones and tablets with high capacity batteries, the current output must be at least 2 A (amps) at voltage of 5 V (volts), because in other case cell phone battery will not charge or will charge very slow.

Battery not charging

If you have already changed the battery and charger, and your phone is still not charged – you need to contact the service center, your phone has more serious problems.