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Delete history Android

If you have no desire to keep any information about incoming or outgoing calls, sent and received messages, as well as browsing history, then you just need to delete a history Android. It is possible to delete search the history Android phone or tablet partially or completely.

If you want to know how to delete the history Android phone or tablet, you can use a special app Fast cleaner. This application will come in handy if you want to delete the search history Android phone, the history of calls, as well as the history of your searches in Google Play. Check out how to remove URL history on Android.

This application is quite easy to use:

  1. Run the application
  2. Put ticks on the data that you would like to hide
  3. Click on the “Cleanup”

It is important to know that some applications cannot be cleared using this program, but it sends you directly to the desired settings and you will need to clear everything you want manually. The unnecessary files on your mobile device will be deleted by clearing the cache. So now you can delete whole history Android without any problems!

If you have some questions – ask it in the comments below!