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Android Pie update (Android 9)

In august 2018 was released Android Pie update for Google Pixel devices and Essential Phone. After this date some manufactures has provide Android Pie update for their flagmans, you can check this update for your device in the list below.

In the Android Pie update version added fully new navigation system, now it presented with only one key in the bottom of screen. In this Android Pie review you’ll find out how to use it:

  1. Click on the button and it will return you to the main screen
  2. Press and hold to enable Google Assistant
  3. Pull it left and it will go back
  4. Drag left or right and hold the button – select which running app you want to open
  5. Drag it up and you’ll see all running apps
  6. If you rotate your device you’ll see additional “rotate” button, tap on it and your screen layout will change to a horizontal or vertical

Android Pie firmware download list:

If your model is not present, you can write a comment below. We’ll solve a problem and give a link for upgrade firmware.