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Android Lollipop update (Android 5)

Android Lollipop update contents some useful and pleasant changes. Google Android 5 system has become brighter, energy saving and smart after upgrade. So what’s new in Android 5? It is visible the interface improvements with the Material Design introduction, which can be called a sequel of first Android versions – Holo design. Operating system Android Lollipop update are offering following new features.

To download the operating system Android 5 (Lollipop) update you need to get link in the comments below by pointing phone model, (for example – “I need update of Android 5 new version for Samsung galaxy note 4”). Waiting for your questions!

Here is Android 5 Lollipop review:

  • First start updated synchronization
  • Multi user mode
  • Encrypting data ability
  • New notification panel
  • Lock screen advanced features
  • New Task Manager
  • New camera software interface
  • New e-mail client
  • Updated calendar
  • Updated settings
  • Special application for SMS sending
  • ART features

Optional speech recognizing function in Google Search etc.

All in all these features could be useful for Android 5 Lollipop smartphone or tablet.

The Android Lollipop update download list is here:

p style=”text-align: justify;”>Since the fifth version of the mobile operating system from Google has been released for a long time, maybe you should check if a newer Android update for your device has been released.