Spring Android Lollipop firmware can’t be called as a fundamental, because additions in this version are minimal. Major improvements of Google Android 5.0 firmware are intended to resolve problems and improve system performance. Android Lollipop firmware download is needed first of all to correct errors (around 1400 pcs.), which are not visible (for example, a memory leak on Nexus devices).

What’s new in Android 5 and 5.1? Global Android Lollipop firmware innovations are:

  • Material Design
  • Support dual sim
  • Safety devices improving
  • HD Voice Call
  • Advanced notification management

Android Lollipop firmware download list can be found below. If your device is not presented in this list – you can contact us in the comments below.

Android 5.1 firmware will help to get rid of the timeout camera problems, memory leaks and other popular bugs.

You can get it in the comments below, pointing model of your phone (for example – “I have a Motorola Nexus”). I will respond to your comment, try to find out where to find and how to download android 5.0 firmware, if the update is ready. Waiting for your questions!

p style=”text-align: justify;”>Since the fifth version of the mobile operating system from Google has been released for a long time, maybe you should check if a newer Android update for your device has been released.