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Android Nougat update (Android 7)

The official release date of the Android OS 7 Nougat is October 2016. In the new version, the developers paid a lot of attention to the security of user data. For example, now File-based encryption is used, instead of the block level encryption. So, Android can better isolate all user data and files.

In addition, the backup system is improved, now more settings will be saved. Such as application permissions, settings of a mobile access point and Wi-Fi connection points.

Android Nougat update (Android 7)

Another important change was the emergence of the ability to change the size of interface elements, and not just the font size. For people with poor eyesight, this will be great news.

To find out Android N release date for your phone model, indicate it in the comments below (e.g. – “I have Nexus 5”). Here you can find another firmware Android 7 Nougat update for your phone. Also, don’t forget to backup your device before any intervention in the system with Android 7 Nougat upgrade for your devices.

Android Nougat update download list: