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Android Marshmallow update (Android 6)

Release date of the Android Marshmallow update – Autumn 2015. Google Android OS has passed a long way, it still occurs the next stage of improvement and perfection from Google. What can offer us Android Marshmallow.

You can get a link to the Android Marshmallow update download for your device in the comments below, specifying the model of the phone (for example – “I have a Samsung GT-i9152”). I will respond to your comment, try to find out Android Marshmallow updates and tell you, where you can find Android Marshmallow update download, if the update is ready. Feel free to ask!

What’s new in Android 6 smartphones? Notification and quick settings panel is not just a feature set different for each device now. It is also customizable feature of Android Marshmallow updates. You can easily change any of the quick settings with the System UI Tuner app.

You need to do some manipulation to get to the System UI Tuner, because it is a hidden feature. Open the quick settings panel, hold the settings icon five seconds and it will be available in Settings below the item Developers mode.

Android Marshmallow update download list:

If you device is not here – write it in the comments and I’ll give you link for Android Marshmallow updates!